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Notes for iPhone-, iPad and Safari Users:

The shop only works if the browser accepts cookies. Some versions of Safari though unfortunately have a bug that randomly switches the default "accept cookies" settings to "never" (see e.g. here).

If your selections of products or entries in the address form seem to get lost all the time, please check the following:
"Settings" -> "Safari" -> "Accept Cookies" must be set to "From visited" or "Always".

Infos about the JULISIS Shop

Buying online from JULISIS takes just four steps:

1. Select Products
Items can be added to your shopping basket by clicking the plus symbol. If you want more of the same item, repeat clicking. Clicking the minus symbol will remove items from the basket. The current contents of your shopping basket is displyed all the time.

2. Enter Billing/Shipping Address
The form for address specifications can be found by clicking "CONTINUE" at the bottom of the page. Currently the shop does not provide an option to enter a seperate shipping address. All details requested - except for the "title" line - are necessary for further handling of the order. Please note that your order can only reach you fast and safely, if all information is correct and complete.

3. Review Data Entered
Another click on "CONTINUE" will take you to a page where all information given can be reviewed prior to printing (if desired). For corrections, please click "BACK". By repeated "BACK" clicks, every step so far can be traced and deleted.

4. Online Payment
Clicking "SUBMIT" will take you to the secure pages of our online payment partners First Data (only USA), Ipayment or PayPal respectively. Please follow the instructions given there. The only payment method is by credit card. We accept Mastercard/Eurocard and VisaCard.
When your payment transaction has been completed you will be informed by email to the address you provided.

Shipping Fees
• For orders within Germany:
  up to a merchandise value of 100,00 EUR: 8,00 EUR, free shipping for orders exceeding this value

• For orders within the European Union:
  up to a merchandise value of 500,00 EUR: 18,00 EUR (except Switzerland 25,00 EUR)
  up to a merchandise value of 1.000,00 EUR: 35,00 EUR
  up to a merchandise value of 2.000,00 EUR: 45,00 EUR
  up to a merchandise value of 3.000,00 EUR: 55,00 EUR
  up to a merchandise value of 3.000,00 EUR and more: 75,00 EUR

• For orders in the USA:
  up to a merchandise value of 200,00 USD: 10,00 USD, free shipping for orders exceeding this value

• For orders in all other countries:
  10% of the merchandise value

Special terms may apply for bulk buyers, please contact us under shop@julisis.com.

All business transactions are subject to the Terms and Conditions of EULBERG HOLDING GmbH.