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THE WEEK FASHION - April 2018GQ - April 2018ICON - March 2017
Julisis Presse THE WEEK FASHION - April 2018Julisis Presse GQ - April 2018Julisis Presse ICON - March 2017
gesund & fit - January 2017Vogue Germany September 2015Beauty Guide - 4./5. July 2015
Julisis Presse gesund & fit - January 2017Julisis Presse Vogue Germany September 2015Julisis Presse Beauty Guide - 4./5. July 2015
Harper's Bazaar - March 2014Harper's Bazaar - December 2014Byrdie - November 2014
Julisis Presse Harper's Bazaar - March 2014Julisis Presse Harper's Bazaar - December 2014Julisis Presse Byrdie - November 2014
Downtown Magazine - October 2014refinery29.com - October 2014Quintessential Style - Fall 2014
Julisis Presse Downtown Magazine - October 2014Julisis Presse refinery29.com - October 2014Julisis Presse Quintessential Style - Fall 2014
Hello Canada - September 2014Glamour - November 2013Vogue India - Dezember 2011
Julisis Presse Hello Canada - September 2014Julisis Presse Glamour - November 2013Julisis Presse Vogue India - Dezember 2011
GQ - November 2011L'Officiel Hommes - Herbst 2011Gala - 06/10/2011
Julisis Presse GQ - November 2011Julisis Presse L'Officiel Hommes - Herbst 2011Julisis Presse Gala - 06/10/2011
How To Spend It - Oktober 2011Mate - Herbst 2011Süddeutsche Zeitung 09/08/2011
Julisis Presse How To Spend It - Oktober 2011Julisis Presse Mate - Herbst 2011Julisis Presse Süddeutsche Zeitung 09/08/2011
New Beauty - Summer 2011Bild der Frau 05/2011Bazar 04/2011
Julisis Presse New Beauty - Summer 2011Julisis Presse Bild der Frau 05/2011Julisis Presse Bazar 04/2011
MilkX 04/2011Cosmopolitan 04/2011More Beauty Column 03/2011
Julisis Presse MilkX 04/2011Julisis Presse Cosmopolitan 04/2011Julisis Presse More Beauty Column 03/2011
More Beauty News 03/2011Quartier 206 07/10Bunte 15/4/10
Julisis Presse More Beauty News 03/2011Julisis Presse Quartier 206 07/10Julisis Presse Bunte 15/4/10
Yoga 4-5/10L'Officiel 03/10Gala 11/09
Julisis Presse Yoga 4-5/10Julisis Presse L'Officiel 03/10Julisis Presse Gala 11/09
In 10/09Gala Nr. 27 / 25.6.2009Watashi Frau 6/09
Julisis Presse In 10/09Julisis Presse Gala Nr. 27 / 25.6.2009Julisis Presse Watashi Frau 6/09
Quality 5/09 (1st Issue)Instyle USA 5/09Sex in the City Russia 2/09
Julisis Presse Quality 5/09 (1st Issue)Julisis Presse Instyle USA 5/09Julisis Presse Sex in the City Russia 2/09
Gala Russia 1/09Gentlemen's Quarterly 1/09Marie Claire Russia 1/09
Julisis Presse Gala Russia 1/09Julisis Presse Gentlemen's Quarterly 1/09Julisis Presse Marie Claire Russia 1/09
Vogue Russia 11/08Focus Nr. 42 13/10/08Ökotest 4/08
Julisis Presse Vogue Russia 11/08Julisis Presse Focus Nr. 42 13/10/08Julisis Presse Ökotest 4/08
Wallpaper 3/08Celebrity Berlinale SpecialTelegraph Magazine 5/1/08
Julisis Presse Wallpaper 3/08Julisis Presse Celebrity Berlinale SpecialJulisis Presse Telegraph Magazine 5/1/08
Gala 11/07Hong Kong Tatler 10/07New York Times 26/04/07
Julisis Presse Gala 11/07Julisis Presse Hong Kong Tatler 10/07Julisis Presse New York Times 26/04/07
Elle 6/07Vanity Fair 5/07W Magazine 4/07
Julisis Presse Elle 6/07Julisis Presse Vanity Fair 5/07Julisis Presse W Magazine 4/07
Magazine Ukraine 2/07Vogue 2/07Elle USA 11/06
Julisis Presse Magazine Ukraine  2/07Julisis Presse Vogue 2/07Julisis Presse Elle USA 11/06
Gala 9/06Elle France 5/06Beauty Vogue 1/06
Julisis Presse Gala 9/06Julisis Presse Elle France 5/06Julisis Presse Beauty Vogue 1/06
Gala 2/06Elle 9/05Welt am Sonntag 15.5.05
Julisis Presse Gala 2/06Julisis Presse Elle 9/05Julisis Presse Welt am Sonntag 15.5.05
Gala 2/05Vogue 1/05Gentlemen's World 12/04
Julisis Presse Gala 2/05Julisis Presse Vogue 1/05Julisis Presse Gentlemen's World 12/04
Elle 11/04Wallpaper 11/04Katalog Quartier 206 9/04
Julisis Presse Elle 11/04Julisis Presse Wallpaper 11/04Julisis Presse Katalog Quartier 206 9/04
Daily News 8/04Instyle 7/04Style %2B the Family Tunes 6/04
Julisis Presse Daily News 8/04Julisis Presse Instyle 7/04Julisis Presse Style %2B the Family Tunes 6/04
Vogue 5/04Elle 5/04Qvest 5/04
Julisis Presse Vogue 5/04Julisis Presse Elle 5/04Julisis Presse Qvest 5/04
Lucky Glamour 5/04Lucky Glamour (cont.)WWD 4/04
Julisis Presse Lucky Glamour 5/04Julisis Presse Lucky Glamour (cont.)Julisis Presse WWD 4/04
Deutsch 3/04Deutsch (cont.)Bunte 2/04
Julisis Presse Deutsch 3/04Julisis Presse Deutsch (cont.)Julisis Presse Bunte 2/04